More ways to tip, and get tipped.

Make receiving tips benefit you now, and help create security for you later.  With more ways to send and receive money in the FISK App, you select the percentage of your transfers that are stashed away. Some for you now, some MORE for you later.
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Topdown view of a tablesetting with plate and cutlery, and text from the app showing interaction between user and  server.

Fast & Simple

As fast as getting out your wallet.

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Safe Tipping

Tip safe online - with online protection from us

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98% of people say they sweat less with the APP when the terminal with the bill arrives.

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It feels good

Of course, we wouldn’t want it any other way. The tip should go to who you want it to go to

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Waiter holding a big phone and is happy to receive a tip and a nice message from the customer.

For the barista worker with the nice smile, or the chatty bartender on a night out, or the young gent who knew the wine cart off heart, or the girl with the incredible voice at the newcomer stage, tipping others is fun easy, and most importantly stress and sweat free.

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