money Transfers that matter.

Link. Split. Save.

With more ways to send and receive money in the FISK App, you select the percentage of your transfers that are stashed away. Some for you now, some MORE for you later.
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Fast & Simple Splits

Let US worry about the SPLIT, and YOU worry about making money.

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Safe Connecting

Link multiple bank & brokerage accounts, debit cards, and crypto assets in one place!

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Easy Access to your Funds

With direct access to a FISK virtual card, you can have all your funds in one place.

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Access to new products

Of course, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Browse our list of products to link.

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Money transfers that matter.
When your friend pays you back for sushi, receive it in the FISK App, and you decide where it goes! If you want 50% for you to spend now, and 50% into your Crypto savings accounts, you decide the split.

Send money securely

How the App Works


Personalized Experience

Sign up for a FISK account and start earning money for right now and later. Once we verify your identity, you can instantly link your checking & investment accounts to our app, allowing us to automatically split your transfers as you see fit between the two. Set your split ratio now, and watch your money grow.


Cloud Based Technology

Get tipped at anytime by anyone by sharing your QR Code with your tippers. We love that even non-FISK users can scan your personalized QR code and send you money, making your tipping autonomy more powerful than ever.

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